At the end of the course you should be able to perform the following with respect to the selection of a jury:


1.                  Identify the GOALS of jury selection:



                    Establishing the theme of your case


                    Identifying those prospective jurors who do not satisfy the statutory requirements for serving or who cannot be fair in considering your case


                    Identifying fundamental attitudes of prospective jurors


                    Establishing your credibility


                    Establishing your leadership role


                    Educating prospective jurors about the facts of your case


                    Identifying those prospective jurors with whom you have positive rapport and those with whom you have negative rapport



2.                  PREPARE to conduct an effective voir dire by:


                    Determining the types of persons who are likely to be most receptive to your case theme and theory


                    Developing a system to evaluate prospective jurors


                    Developing a jury questionnaire in complex case and cases involving sensitive or privacy issues


                    Studying procedural and statutory rules, local procedures for the particular jurisdiction and judge.


                    Determining who conducts the voir dire, time permitted for jury selection, number of peremptory challenges, bases for challenges for cause and other governing rules




3.                  EXAMINE prospective jurors by:


                    Asking open-ended questions beginning with who, how, why, explain, etc.


                    Using understandable language


                    Looking for non-verbal communication, body language, how prospective jurors interact with one another, the types of books and magazines they carry with them, etc.


                    Listening to answers and following up when necessary


                    Not embarrassing prospective jurors by asking prying or personal questions in front of panel or making fun of them


                    Exposing weaknesses of your case


                    Establishing credibility