J.D. Admissions


2014 Entering Class Profile

Applications 2208
Class Size 231
Median LSAT 159
Median GPA 3.47

Asian/ Pacific Islander 12.9%
Black/ African-American 6%
Hispanic 17.3%
Native American 2.1%

Female 49.3%
Non-resident 16.9%
Previous graduate degree 11.8%
Average Age 25

Please note, this information represents class statistics as of October 5, 2014.  

*First-year students are divided into four sections–three full-time sections and one part-time section. Students from the 2014 incoming class represented 98 undergraduate schools. The top feeder schools were:

1. University of Texas-Austin
2. Texas A&M University  
3. University of Houston 
4. Baylor University
5. Rice University and Texas Christian University

There were 57 different majors represented. The top majors were:
1. Political Science
2. English
3. Psychology and History
4. Finance
5. Economics

Incoming students speak at least 23 different languages. Twenty eight students have already earned at least one graduate degree, including 1 Ph.D, and 4 MBAs.

The Bar Exam
Law Center graduates have consistently outperformed the overall bar passage rate of first-time test-takers from all Texas law schools. The July 2014 bar pass rate for UHLC graduates was 86.29%.