J.D. Admissions


Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Merit Scholarships

  • Visit our scholarship page for information on merit scholarships and for outside/ non-UHLC scholarship opportunities. Please note that many of the outside scholarships have early spring application deadlines.
  • Requests for Reconsideration of Dean’s Scholarship Awards- It is not the UH Law Center’s practice to match scholarships awarded by other law schools.  However, the committee will take other awards into consideration.  To request reconsideration of your scholarship award, please complete the Scholarship Reconsideration Worksheet in full.  Incomplete requests will not be considered.  In order for your request to be considered complete you must also include a copy of each of your scholarship award letters.  (It is not necessary to send us a copy of your UHLC letter.)  You may also include an additional statement with other relevant information that you feel the committee should consider.

    Please note that while the committee will consider your other offers, scholarships are only increased in exceptional circumstances.

    The scholarship committee will only reconsider your scholarship award one time so all relevant information should be included with your request. The reconsideration process is not an opportunity to “negotiate” with the committee.

    It is the committee’s expectation that all information provided in connection with your request is accurate, complete, and sent in good faith.  Submission of false or misleading information could lead to disciplinary action and/or a referral to LSAC’s misconduct committee.

Need-Based Financial Aid

  • In order to receive financial aid, you must complete the FAFSA and list the University of Houston (school code 003652). The University will begin awarding need-based financial aid after April 1.
  • Questions? Contact Laura Neal, UHLC Financial Aid & Scholarship advisor, at LNeal@central.uh.edu, or at 713.743.2269.