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Academic Enrichment Program
        Upper-class student tutors are assigned to each first-year section to assist students with course material and to
        augment study and test-taking skills. Tutors attend class sessions with the section and work with the professor to
        develop session materials. Tutorial sessions are open to all students and provide a beneficial supplement to class-
        room instruction and faculty office hours. This program, coupled with our dedicated, student-centered faculty, helps
        foster student success in the first year.

        Upper Division
        The UH Law Center offers one of the largest course selections in the country. Access to our broad and deep
        curriculum will prepare you for almost any legal discipline and allows concentrations in specific areas. In your second
        and third years of study, you have only three course requirements: Professional Responsibility, six credit hours of
        experiential learning courses (including simulation courses, law clinics, and field placements), and the upper-level
        writing requirement. You may customize your remaining coursework with a range of elective courses, seminars,
        and clinical experiences. Some students enhance their studies through study abroad, a dual degree program, or by
        enrolling in approved classes from other graduate departments. At UHLC, students have a great deal of flexibility
        in creating their educational path, and faculty as well as the Director of Student Advisement are available to assist
        students in selecting courses best suited to their career goals.
        The core of our curriculum is the traditional doctrinal courses that teach legal theory, critical analysis, and practical   “One of my favorite things
        applications. UHLC offers courses in a wide range of legal specialties, including two nationally-ranked programs—  about the University of
        Health Law and Intellectual Property & Information Law. Each of these specialty programs adds depth to our   Houston Law Center by far
        curriculum and creates educational opportunities that other law schools simply cannot match. Our courses are   is the externship class. It
        divided into the following areas:                                                                        allows me to apply the law I
        • Business & Commercial Law                                                                              have learned in my first-year
        • Center for Consumer Law                          • Institute for Higher Education Law & Governance     theoretical courses to real-
        • Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center   • Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law   world legal situations, and it
        • Center for U.S. & Mexican Law                    • International Law & Admiralty                       takes learning to a whole new
        • Constitutional Law & Criminal Justice Institute  • Law & Society                                       level.”
        • Employment & Labor Law                           • Litigation, Advocacy, & Practice Skills             — Shannon Terry ’18
        • Family Law & Center for Children, Law & Policy   • Procedure & Practice                                  Member, Mock Trial Team
        • Government Regulation                            • Program on Law & Computation                          Member, Advocates for Life
                                                                                                                   Officer, Federalist Society
        • Health Law & Policy Institute                    • Real Property, Trusts, & Estates                        B.S., Political Science, University of
                                                           • Taxation                                              Houston

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