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UH Law Center is nationally
recognized and has earned a
powerful reputation.

TOP 10Ranked in the             Facilitates       Recognized as a
                               HANDS-ON           ‘MOST DIVERSE’
 by U.S. News &                 CLINICAL          LAW SCHOOL
   World Report               PROGRAMS            by preLaw and
  for Intellectual           with precedent       The National Jurist
    Property and          setting cases in state
      Health Law           and federal courts,    magazines
                              including the
                          U.S. Supreme Court

Named a “BEST VALUE”

    by preLaw Magazine

       Offers joint J.D.  5                       31stRanked
         program with
        University of     DEGREES                 by the National
                          OFFERED                 Law Journal among
  Calgary law school      J.D./M.B.A.             “Go To” law
in INTERNATIONAL           J.D./M.A.              schools based on
                          J.D./M.S.W.             the percentage of
       ENERGY LAW          J.D./M.D.              graduates hired by the
    allowing students     J.D./Ph.D.              top 250 law firms in
                                                  the United States
          to earn both
   Canadian and U.S.

           law degrees
          in four years

The Houston Law Review is ranked in TOP 3.3% of more than
    1,600 law journals by Washington and Lee University.
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