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The University of Houston Law Center is a top tier institution
and is nationally ranked in Intellectual Property and
Health Law. The Law Center embodies the “Power of Legal
Education,” fundamentally transforming students by
teaching them how to think like lawyers.

Students can then transform the world by seeking justice for
their clients. Our alumni have changed the world, working
at the top of the profession in private practice, government
service, business, the judiciary, and public interest.

The Law Center is powered by noteworthy faculty. They are
highly credentialed and well-published. In addition to holding
the J.D. degree, they have 10 LL.M. degrees, seven Ph.D.s,
five M.B.A.s, and 13 master’s degrees in other disciplines.

We consistently attract students with strong credentials.
The students come from across the United States and more
than a dozen countries and hold multiple degrees, including
the M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., and M.B.A. They are also racially,
ethnically, and linguistically diverse.

The Law Center remains committed to empowering future
generations of law school students to achieve their dreams
and become ethical and effective advocates for their clients.

Dean and Professor of Law
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