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                                                          ON LEGAL EDUCATION (NACLE)
The Blakely Advocacy Institute is a national
leader in teaching lawyering skills. It trumpets          The North American Consortium on Legal Education
an exceptional success rate in law student                (NACLE) is comprised of 13 participating law schools
tournaments nationwide and abroad in negotiation,         in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. NACLE’s
mock trial, moot court, mediation, and arbitration.       aim is to promote and share understanding of the
Some of Houston’s most experienced trial and              legal systems within North American countries. The
appellate lawyers and judges teach a wide variety         specific purpose of the Consortium is to enhance
of programs and courses that cover the entire             the capabilities of each member to provide high
dispute resolution continuum, including the key           quality legal education and research germane to the
building block courses of trial advocacy, appellate       demands of the professional environment in North
advocacy, and pretrial litigation. Specialty courses      America. NACLE offers law students the opportunity
include Storytelling, Attorney Communication              to participate in semester-long exchange programs
and Persuasion, and Advocacy Survey. Within the           at its member universities.
Institute is the A.A. White Dispute Resolution
Center, which provides training in commercial             INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION
arbitration, basic mediation, and family mediation.       LAW AND GOVERNANCE

CENTER FOR U.S. AND                                       The Institute for Higher Education Law and
MEXICAN LAW                                               Governance provides information and analysis
                                                          to colleges and universities worldwide on higher
The Center for U.S. and Mexican Law is the first          education legal issues. It serves as a focal point
independent research center in the United States          for discussion and thoughtful analysis through
dedicated to the study of Mexican law and legal           publications, conferences, and the maintenance
aspects of U.S.-Mexico relations. Houston’s               of a database of experts on higher education
position as a gateway between the two countries           issues and institutions. The work of the Institute
serves as a natural setting for the Center’s work         primarily benefits both affiliated scholars
to improve understanding of each other’s laws             across the globe whose research is in law and
and legal institutions. In addition to conducting         higher education as well as representatives
research and analysis of the interplay between            of governmental agencies and legislative staff
the two legal systems, the Center promotes                concerned with higher education. In addition, it
cross-border education of law students, lawyers,          offers an extensive research library and a monthly
judges, and other professionals. The Center works         research monograph series. The Institute hosts an
with various agencies to fund specific studies and        annual Houston Higher Educational Roundtable
research projects and organizes periodic symposia.        for junior scholars and has hosted over two dozen
The Center also sponsors activities to promote            visiting fellows and postdoctoral students.
professional cooperation and comparative legal
education in North America through a partnership          THE CENTER FOR CHILDREN,
with the North American Consortium on Legal               LAW & POLICY
Education. The Center also helps students arrange
summer externships in Mexico City with the                The Center for Children, Law & Policy conducts
several prestigious Mexican institutions.                 research on juvenile justice and child welfare
                                                          issues, provides national training for attorneys
THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE INSTITUTE                            representing children in courts, and offers law
                                                          students an opportunity to represent children
The Criminal Justice Institute aims to enhance            in delinquency and dependency cases. This
the study and practice of criminal law at the local,      innovative center has coordinated a number
national, and international levels. The Institute brings  of important symposia and lectures that
together nationally recognized scholars, top criminal     band together professionals from a variety
law practitioners, judges, and students through a         of disciplines to closely examine important
variety of programs to succeed in this goal.              issues relating to children’s rights.
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