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The UH Law Center operates a
strategic and focused collection of
centers, institutes, and programs
to fuel its educational mission and
its national reputation.

& INFORMATION LAW                                   RESOURCES (EENR) CENTER
                                                    The Environment, Energy & Natural Resources
The Intellectual Property & Information Law         (EENR) Center provides a forum for education and
(IPIL) Institute is a recognized global leader in   discussion in environment, energy, and natural
IP, technology, and information law, including      resources law in the city widely acknowledged
patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets     as the Energy Capital of the World. The Center
law. Houston is one of the nation’s largest         examines some of the most important issues
markets for the IPIL disciplines, and the UH Law    of the day, including climate change, air
Center’s strong presence in this frontier yields    pollution, clean coal, and renewable energy.
significant research opportunities for faculty and  The Center provides a platform for government,
students. Each year, the IPIL Institute hosts a     industry, public interest, and academic leaders
national conference and other events to develop     from around the state, nation, and world to
and debate commentary and policy proposals.         discuss the interplay among protection of the
                                                    environment, development of energy and other
HEALTH LAW & POLICY INSTITUTE                       natural resources, and the impact of human
                                                    and natural forces on those resources.
The Health Law & Policy Institute advances
understanding of health law issues and provides     INTERNATIONAL ENERGY
guidance for significant policy decisions           LAWYERS PROGRAM
affecting every element of health care. Known
for its associations with academic and health       The Law Center also has partnered with the
institutions locally, across the United States,     University of Calgary to establish the International
and around the world, the Institution also          Energy Lawyers Program, an initiative that allows
facilitates student externships at government       students to earn both Canadian and U.S. law
agencies and non-profit health institutions,        degrees in four years. The driving force behind the
including the Texas Medical Center. Topics          international program is a shared commitment to
of ongoing study include electronic medical         natural resources, energy, and environmental law.
records, human experimentation, food and drug       The UH Law Center and Calgary Law each enjoy
law, genetics, managed care, patient safety and     international reputations as leading law schools in
medical error, disability discrimination, health    these areas, and the cities of Houston and Calgary
care finance, and health care fraud and abuse.      both sport recognition as leading energy centers.
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