MAO law review articles on undocumented college students, DREAM Act, residency requirements

A number of people ask for copies of these articles and book chapters on undocumented college students, residency requirements generally, and Plyler v. Doe, so I am making them available here all together. They include:

Michael A. Olivas, The Story of Plyler v. Doe, The Education of Undocumented Children, and The Polity, in D. Martin and P. Schuck, eds. IMMIGRATION STORIES (NY: Foundation Press, 2005), 197-220.

Michael A. Olivas, IIRIRA, The DREAM Act, and Undocumented Residency, 30 Journal of College & University Law, 435-464 (2004), also reprinted in 9 Bender's Immigration Law Bulletin 307 (2004).

Michael A. Olivas, A Rebuttal to FAIR, University Business, 72 (June 2002).

Michael A. Olivas, Storytelling Out of School: Undocumented College Residency, Race, and Reaction, 22 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, 1019-1086 (1995).

Michael A. Olivas, Preempting Preemption: Foreign Affairs, State Rights, and Alienage Classifications, 35 Virginia Journal of International Law,  217-236 (1994)

Michael A. Olivas, Administering Intentions: Law, Theory, and Practice of Postsecondary Residency Requirements, 59 Journal of Higher Education (May/June, 1988), 263-290.

Michael A. Olivas, Plyler v. Doe, Toll v. Moreno and Postsecondary Education: Undocumented Adults and “Enduring Disability,” 15 J. L. & Educ. 19-55 (1986)

Michael A. Olivas, “What the War on Terrorism Has Meant for United States Colleges and Universities,” in Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future, eds. Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Charlotte V. Kuh (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, forthcoming, 2008) DRAFT, NOT FOR CITATION

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