Spring 2018
7334 Brainstorming to Bankrolling: Beyond The Classroom - KHUMAWALA- 17341

Students must see the Office of Student Services for registration services.


Credits: 3

Course Areas: Non-Law Courses 
Business and Commercial Law

Time: 9:00a-12:00p  SatLocation: 101  CEMO

Course Outline: The course number is: GENB 7334; cross-listed as FINA 7397. This is a UH Bauer College of Business course. The chief objective of this course is to make sure each student gains a theoretical, practical and experiential education in social innovation and entrepreneurship as well as starting and consulting on small businesses. The goal is to produce socially engaged advocates who can manage competing client needs and guide entrepreneurs through the myriad legal, social and personal challenges faced by ambitious start-up companies.

In this course, students act as consultants to Houston entrepreneurs within the SURE™ Program. Each student will serve as a consultant to three to four entrepreneurs. The student is responsible for supervising the entrepreneurs in writing their business plans, and connecting each entrepreneur with any resources or information needed to finish their business plan in preparation for pitching for funding.

Students are expected to attend classes and be prepared to participate. This includes arriving on time and staying until class is dismissed. Students are required to participate in SURE Lab Sessions from 12:00p to 1:00p each Saturday immediately following regular class sessions. SURE Lab Sessions provide an opportunity for students to meet with their assigned entrepreneurs and help them complete a significant portion of the assignment work that would otherwise be completed outside of class meetings. Consequently, total class meeting time (4 hours) exceeds the total class meeting time that is typically required for a 3 credit course (150 minutes) at the Law Center. However, it is important to note that by participating in the Lab reduces the time a student would spend outside of class in a typical course. Students are invited, but not required, to attend a free breakfast at 8:30a and lunch at 1:00p each Saturday.

Student grades will be determined by total points earned on the following forms of assessment:
Business plans and a mini-case written about each entrepreneur: 40%
Other assignments: 15%
Attendance and class participation: 15%
Weekly updates on Blackboard: 15%
Team presentation: 10%
Consultant review by entrepreneurs: 5%

See syllabus and http://www.bauer.uh.edu/microfinance/ for additional details. If you have questions about course requirements, grading policies, time commitment, or any other aspects of the course, please contact Prof. Saleha Khumawala (sure@bauer.uh.edu).

Course Syllabus:

Course Notes:   For registration please contact Mr. Derrick Gabriel at 713-743-2189 or by email: dgabriel@central.uh.edu.

No laptop/iPad/MS Surface Pro/other devices, are allowed in class. Please do not work on material from other courses or other business. Students are not permitted to use smart phones to surf the web, read or respond to email, or receive or send instant messages while in class. Students are not permitted to talk to each other while in class.

Prerequisites: Yes  The prerequisite for this course is graduate standing.

First Day Assignments: See syllabus.

Final Exam Schedule:    

This course will have:
Exam: No
Paper: No

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

Experiential Course Type: no

Bar Course: No