Spring 2014
5323 Conflicts of Law - ZAMORA- 18776

Professor(s): Stephen Zamora (Faculty In Memorium)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Procedure and Practice 
International Law

Time: 2:30p-4:00p  TThLocation: TUII-215 

Course Outline: This course covers important subjects that a lawyer will confront in many types of domestic and international law practice. The course will deal with the rules applicable under domestic and international law governing the following subjects: choice of applicable law; jurisdiction to adjudicate (judicial jurisdiction); prescriptive jurisdiction (jurisdiction to legislate); enforcement of foreign judgments; and related topics. The course will deal with both domestic conflicts (state-to-state, state-federal), as well as international conflicts, and will deal with principles established according to case law, statutory law, constitutional law, and international law. While concentrating on case law and litigation, the course is useful for those who intend to pursue a career in litigation, as well as those who wish to pursue a sophisticated international business law practice. The grade in the course will be determined by performance on a final exam, primarily involving essay questions in a traditional law school format.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

Course Notes:   

Prerequisites: Yes  First-year Procedure course, or its equivalent. Foreign LLM students who have taken Intro to American Law will satisfy this prerequisite.

First Day Assignments: Conflict of Laws – Prof. Zamora – Spring 2014 –
Reading assignments for the week of January 13

All assignments in regular font are from the assigned text, Conflict of Laws: Federal, State and International Perspectives (revised 2nd ed., 2002).
At the end of each section of cases, the casebook lists questions and comments. You should read the questions and comments related to the cases we discuss in class.

Tuesday, Jan. 14
Survey of Black Letter Rules – Torts
Pp. 1 – 13,
Alabama Great Southern
Horn v. North British Railway
focus on questions 1, 2, 3, 4

Thursday, Jan. 16
Black Letter Rules (cont.) – Contracts and Property
Pp. 14 – 34
Estate of Barrie
[skip White v. Tennant]
Estate of Evan Jones

Final Exam Schedule: 05/02 2-5pm  211 TU2    

This course will have:
Exam: Yes
Paper: No

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

Experiential Course Type:

Bar Course: