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Spring 2018
6325 Internet Law - NIMMER- 19083

Professor(s): Raymond Nimmer (Faculty In Memorium)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Intellectual Property and Information Law 
Business and Commercial Law

Time: Cancelled    Location:  

Course Outline: This course covers a survey of legal issues arising from the rapid growth of the internet and other on-line communications. The focus will be on issues of jurisdiction, freedom of speech, and intellectual property rights online, as well as some discussion of privacy, defamation and contract law issues pertaining to the Internet. Some of the over-arching themes examined throughout the semester will include the role and legal liability of online intermediaries for wrongful conduct, the role of law in regulating cyberspace (as compared with other regulatory modalities such as market forces, social norms, system architecture, and public education campaigns), and the question as to whether "Internet law" or "cyberlaw" can be meaningfully described as a cohesive legal field in its own right.

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Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
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