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Spring 2018
7201 WRS: Advanced Topics in Family Law - OLDHAM- 22802

Professor(s): Thomas Oldham (FACULTY)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Family Law 

Time: 1:00p-3:00p  T  Location: 119  TUII

Course Outline: Advanced Topics in Family Law - Current Issues in Adoption and Assisted Reproduction is a seminar whose main focus is to allow students to complete a research paper relating to family law. The paper, which will satisfy the UH Law writing requirement, needs to be 35 pages long. After submitting a detailed outline, one draft will need to be submitted before the final version.

Course Syllabus:

Course Notes:   Quota=12

Course Packets are available for pick-up at Faculty Suite 210-BLB.

Prerequisites: Yes  Family Law

First Day Assignments:

Final Exam Schedule:    

This course will have:
Exam: NO
Paper: YES

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: Yes

Experiential Course Type: no

Bar Course: No