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Spring 2017
6A30 Promoting Sustainability I: Community-Centered Approaches and Social Justice in the International Oil and Gas Industry - GOLDEN/TIMSAR/WOLDU- 24697

Professor(s): Rebecca  Golden Timsar (INACTIVE)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law 
Non-Law Courses

Time: CANCELLED    Location:  

Course Outline: Promoting Sustainability I: Community-Centered Approaches and Social Justice in the International Oil and Gas Industry – 1.5 credits.
In this course, through a social science approach, students will gain skills to critically identify and analyze key challenges and opportunities facing oil and natural gas extraction’s impact on social factors and sustainable development in oil producing communities. We will locate key junctures where intervention decisions could mitigate the negative impacts of extraction on local, regional, and national communities. Specifically, we will investigate concepts such as ethnicity, power, health, religion, social and environmental justice, and corporate social responsibility from an emic perspective in order to enhance understandings about the importance of breaking cycles of extractive injustices, often leading to violence.
The course will explore in detail different questions and issues with regards to the stakeholders’?roles in the energy development and its relation to social factors and the environment. This course provides professionals, policy makers, and community stakeholders with a culturally relevant, preliminary understanding of social challenges and opportunities facing energy development. As such, students will learn methodologies to develop social frameworks to address stakeholder priorities and cultural dynamics using best policies and practices. These skills have potential to enlarge participation, improve transparency, and narrow knowledge gaps between energy companies, local and state governments, and civil society.

Course Syllabus:

Course Notes:   The Course number is GEDS 6A30.

Class meets on in April:
4/ 21: 8:00AM- 12:00PM
4/ 22: 8:00AM- 12:00PM
4/ 28: 8:00AM- 12:00PM
4/ 29: 8:00AM- 12:00PM

Class requires additional 5 hours of online learning.
Interested students must contact Mr. Derrick Gabriel at 713-743-2189 or at for registration information.


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Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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Bar Course: No