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Fall 2014
5397 WRC: Practice-based Legal Writing - TABOR- 25906

Professor(s): Tobi Tabor (DEPARTED)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Practice Skills - (Research and Writing) 

Time: 1:00p-2:30p  T TH  Location: 117  TUII

Course Outline: Course name: Practice-based Legal Writing

Course credit and size: Three credit hours; maximum 12 students
Course description: Students will have varied opportunities to write and receive feedback on their writing in transactional and litigation contexts. Writing assignments may include short articles, letters (e.g., demand, opposing counsel, client, court), objective analyses, pleadings, motions, private rule-making documents: policies/procedures (e.g., promotion, protection of individual rights, discipline), and contracts or contract excerpts. Each student will complete three to five practical writing assignments, with total production of at least twenty-one pages, based on an average of 250-300 words per double-spaced page. Some assignments may require research. Each assignment will require the student to submit a first draft, which will be returned with written feedback, and a final version that is rewritten to incorporate the draft feedback. In addition to any conference scheduled for document feedback or review, each student will be offered opportunities to meet in conference with the professor for individualized assessment of the student’s writing. No text is required.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

Course Notes:   Quota=12


First Day Assignments: WRC : Practice-based Legal Writing
Course 5396/Section 25906
Professor Tobi Tabor
First Day Assignment

You are working as a summer intern in a criminal defense law firm. One of the partners has asked that you provide a written assessment of the following incident to determine whether the jurisdiction’s hate-crimes statute has been violated, and whether the firm should represent the client in defense of the charges.
The potential client, Matt, is male, 20 years old, and white. In mid-May, he and his friends were at Miller Outdoor Theatre for a production of “Othello, The Moor of Venice.” Matt and a small group of friends were sitting on blankets, drinking and eating dinner. Two couples were walking through the blankets, apparently headed toward a group of their own friends. One of the couples was white and one was bi-racial: a black man and a white woman. The black man stumbled on the corner of Matt’s blanket, tripped fell across Matt’s legs, causing Matt to spill his drink into the picnic basket and onto his shirt and pants. Matt reacted with fury, shouting obscenities at the fallen man, calling him a “stupid N____”, brandishing the beer bottle, and striking the man in the face with his fists. The fallen man ended up with a bloodied nose and a swollen eye.
The man and his friends complained to the police, and Matt was charged with a hate crime in violation of Section 415.78 of the Texas Penal Code. In your research you have found the applicable statute and four cases, which are attached. Use the sources to analyze the problem: derive the rule, identify the elements and determine which the state will have to prove to convict Matt, and write an assessment for the assigning partner.
Your assignment must be double-spaced, and no longer than 300 words. Use the following heading on your analysis:
To: Assigning Partner
From: Your name
Date: First class day
Re: Application of Hate Crimes Statute


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