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Fall 2014
5297 Environmental Issues in Real Estate - SHERMAN- 25365

Professor(s): Scott Sherman (ADJUNCT)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Real Property, Trusts and Estates 
Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law

Time: 5:00p-7:00p  W  Location: 121  TUII

Course Outline: This course will address the legal, business, and financial challenges posed by environmental issues in real estate projects. From brownfield transactions and wetlands impacts to Class B/C office buildings and urban redevelopment projects to green building requirements and sustainable corporate campuses, environmental considerations play a key role in today’s real estate marketplace.

These topics, for the purposes of course presentation, will be analyzed in three sections: "Environmental Issues in Building Operations and Property Management", "Environmental Issues in Real Estate Transactions" and “Environmental Issues in Real Estate Development”. Each course segment will introduce students to a substantive evaluation of the core environmental issues presented and offer insights into the purchase agreements, financial analyses, and deal structures utilized by real estate professionals to manage these matters.

During the course of the semester, students will be given two short, practical writing assignments related to the subject matter (e.g., preparing a submission to a regulatory agency/legislative committee and drafting an advocacy piece relating to project approval). The final assignment will be the preparation of a memorandum analyzing the environmental issues in a real estate project and making a recommendation on whether - and if so, how - to proceed with the project notwithstanding the environmental challenges presented. The final project should be approximately 15 pages. The instructor will work closely with each student on their work. Grades are based on written work during the semester. There is no final examination.

Completion of the course will position students to identify the environmental issues presented in any given real estate scenario, to evaluate their potential impact on projects, and to manage the challenges presented. Additionally, students should gain an understanding of the impacts of property conditions on human health and natural resources, the response of government regulators and investors to these threats, and the options available to real estate professionals for assessing and managing the environmental conditions affecting their projects.


Course Syllabus: Syllabus revised 3/24/14

Course Notes:   Quota= 12
Adjunct Professor Scott Sherman is Senior Counsel at Bracewell Guiliani. His professional bio can be found here:


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