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Fall 2012
5397 Public Health Law - LUNSTROTH- 35950
Added 2-27-12; room change 9-5-12

Professor(s): John Lunstroth (DEPARTED)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Health Law 

Time: 9:00a-10:30a  MW  Location: 117  TU2

Course Outline: Public health law (PHL) is a vast, amorphous collection of laws that is almost co-extensive the legal system itself, the safety and welfare of the populace being a primary justification for the implementation and enactment of laws. We will begin the class with a survey of PHL and then take up a particular problem in global health. The class will be divided into groups each of which will represent a different participant in the process of evaluating and then implementing a public health legal intervention. The teams will become familiar with the science, ethics and politics, and the negotiations between them, in the lead-up to the drafting of a PHL. We will also investigate the evaluation of PHL: should it be subject to scientific testing? Are there better and worse ways of getting a PHL to the public? How should we measure the effect of a law? The problem we work on as a group will be a problem that is being addressed by a section of the local public health community; and I will be working over the summer to set up interaction between the class and the public health folks so you can get a hands-on feel of what it is like to work on a public health problem from the legal perspective.

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