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Fall 2012
7397 SEM: White Collar Crime - MOOHR- 34850

Professor(s): Geraldine Moohr (EMERTI)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Constitutional and Criminal Law 

Time: 6:00p-7:30p  TTh  Location: 117  TU2

Course Outline: This seminar will focus on several crimes, such as fraud, insider trading, misappropriation of intellectual property, and conspiracy and issues such as corporate criminal liability. In addition to reading statutes and cases, assignments include viewing three or four movies that illustrate white collar issues (these will be available from the law school library and can be viewed at home or at school on your computer). Students write a 35 page paper on a white collar topic of their choice that fulfills the Law Center’s writing requirement.

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First Day Assignments: There is no assigned text for this seminar; materials will be provided by Professor Moohr and participants in the seminar.

For the first day of class (August 28), be prepared to offer a definition of white collar crime and to explain how it is different from other crimes. You must complete some research to address these issues and to cite the source(s) you used. This is an oral assignment in which every student is expected to participate.

For the second class (August 30), be prepared to offer examples of conduct that has occurred over the past two years that has merited criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, or sentencing. This requires research of news sources and citation to your source(s). This is also an oral assignment in which every student is expected to participate.

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