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Fall 2012
 Proving & Establishing Damages - COTELLESSE -
Cancelled 6-26-12



Course Areas: Blakely Advocacy Simulation 
Business and Commercial Law

Time:   Cancelled 6-26-12  Location:  

Course Outline: Producing evidence of sufficient quality to permit a jury to make a reasonable estimate of damages is one of the keys to business litigation. This course focuses on the practical aspects of establishing and proving economic damages.

During the course will look at the development of damages throughout the life of a case, from the client interview through arguing damages to the jury. The objectives of this course include helping students understand the basic forms of economic damage models and the keys to producing sufficient evidence to prove them. As the course progresses, the students will have the opportunity to look at the pretrial and trial phases of a case from the point of view of proving damages. Students will interview clients, selecting damage theories; prepare damage discovery; work with expert witnesses; use non-expert discovery in support of damages; plan and take expert depositions; challenge and defend expert testimony; and conduct direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses; and argue damages. By the end of the course, students should have a good understanding of the practical challenges of establishing and proving damages in a business case.

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