Program on Law and Computation


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Inaugural Workshop

The Program on Law and Computation will host its Inaugural Workshop in an all-day event on Friday, April 22, 2011, at the University of Houston Law Center.  The workshop will provide opportunities to show ways in which advanced computation can aid in the understanding of law and will demonstrate techniques from the fields of statistics, evolutionary computation, data mining, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and networks. Participants in the workshop include Michael Bommarito, Emile de Maat (University of Amsterdan), Prof. Alan Izenman (Temple University), Daniel Martin Katz (University of Michigan), Mark Kotanchek (Evolved Analytics), Dr. Carl Malamud (, via Skype), Prof. Paul Ohm (University of Colorado), Prof. Chris Reed (University of Dundee), Prof. Ted. Sichelman (University of San Diego), Prof. Harry Surden (University of Colorado), Dr. Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research (who will be appearing both using a VGO robot and using Skype). 

Dr. Jeffrey T. Kruelen

Dr. Jeffrey T. Kruelen, Senior Manager at the IBM Almaden Research Center, spoke at the University of Houston Law Center at a lunch on Thursday, April 12, 2011,  in an event jointly sponsored by the Program on Law and Computation and the Intellectual Property Student Organization.  The Almaden Research Center has, among other projects, developed the electronic patent library, now called the Intellectual Property Network (IPN), that provides every IBM employee world-wide the ability to search, view, print, download or fax any U.S. patent for the last 26 years from their desktop via an internet browser or via Lotus Notes. Images of patents are contained in a 1.3 Terabyte repository and patent text is contained in a 24 Gigabyte database.