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Finding Your Summer Fellowship Placement

It is the student's responsibility to identify, contact, apply, and arrange their fellowship with a sponsoring organization.

Your career counselor can help you identify and reach out to public interest employers that would be of the most interest to you. The following resources can help you get started:


Government and Public Interest Table Talk


Links to Online Resources


This list is by no means exhaustive.  If you have a favorite public interest organization search site not included here, please share it with us by emailing Bhavika Shah at

Find information on Houston Non-Profits and Government Employers the Public Interest Table Talk on our campus here.

This subscriber only service posts available public service internship, fellowship and employment positions.  They also have contact information for over 12,000 public interest organizations searchable by area of law and geographic location.  To access this data, students need to indicate they are enrolled at UHLC and set up a brief profile.

Equal Justice Works is heralded as the organization that organizes, trains, and supports public service-minded law students.  Equal Justice has a public interest career fair every fall with approximately 150 public interest employers.  Contact data and work descriptions are maintained in a searchable database on the site.  Most of these organizations will consider sponsoring students for summer public interest fellowships.  Equal Justice also has significant subscriber only information on planning and financing a public interest career.  If interested, email Prof. Beassie for a password.

The Texas Access to Justice Commission’s website leads students to a county by county listing of legal and advocacy organizations that serve low-income Texans as compiled and published by Texas Lawyers Care.  Most of these organizations routinely accept law student fellows.  Click “find legal assistance” on the main menu to access the services directory.

Idealist, operated by Action Without Borders, has a mission of connecting people, resources and organizations to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems.  Like pslawnet, you can find posted positions and search for service organizations.  Idealist strives to meet needs of the global public interest community and is not limited to legally related groups.  You can, however, search by areas of interest to include legal assistance as a field.  This site is particularly helpful in finding international work.

Use the Federal Web Locator Center For Information Law and Policy to find websites and contact information for government agencies.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association site posts fellowship/internships and employment opportunities.

This handy site put together by Michigan’s Eaton County will direct you to an index of District Attorney/Prosecutor web links organized by states and counties.

Want to go back to your hometown for the summer?  How about interning with the county attorney’s office?  Search this site for a directory of state, county, and city government sites.

Human Rights Internet job postings.

United Nations Human Resources page with links to current employment positions and internship information.