Student Bar Association


The SBA nominates students to serve on various Law Center committees seeking student representatives. Although the committees that exist change from year to year, representative types of committees include the Admissions, Faculty Appointments, Curriculum, Facilities, Library, Scheduling, Student Affairs, Third-Year Writing Requirement, and Third-Year Special Studies and Skills Training Study. SBA also nominates students to serve on the Honor Court.

2011 2012 Committee Assignments

Admissions Committee
Student Member: Lee Burton Hunt
Faculty Members: Janicke (Chair); Hawkins; Bray; Roberts; Mantel; Dillon; Stadler
Committee Charge: Advise on admissions decisions; assist in recruitment of admitted students; review admissions policy as required.

Appointments Committee
Student Members: Alex Hunt and Joshua Lee
Faculty Members: Bruhl (Chair); Sanders; Gershowitz; Duncan; Moohr
Committee Charge: Locate and present to the faculty for hiring entry-level faculty in the areas of 1) property law, and 2) transactional law.

Curriculum Committee
Student Members: Alex Nelson and Andrea Penedo
Faculty Members: Crump (Chair); Britton; Morris; Moll; Tennessee
Committee Charge: Deal with ordinary curriculum issues; review grading curve issue as to whether it should be raised or lowered.

Facilities Committee
Student Member: Susan Sweeney
Faculty Members: Joyce (Chair); Nimmer; Alderman
Committee Charge: Develop and seek to implement recommendations related to architecture, art designs, and general improvements for all UHLC facilities.

Library Committee
Student Member: Lauren Males
Faculty Members: L. Hoffman (Chair); Linzer; Kumar; Simons; Tilton-McCarthy
Committee Charge: Work with Library staff to expand collection and provide advice regarding faculty and student services.

Scheduling Committee
Student Members: Luigi Bai, Eamon Briggs, Angeles Garcia, Steven Paletz, Tara Kristen Schoen and Samantha Soliz
Faculty Member: Alderman
Committee Charge: Provide direct input into the formation of the UHLC schedule for the upcoming semesters.

Student Affairs Committee
Student Member: Josephine Sorgwe
Faculty Members: Oren (Chair); Olivas; Rachlin; Tennessee
Committee Charge: Establish programs that improve the student experience at the law center focusing especially outside of the classroom. About

Third-Year Writing Requirement Committee
Student Members: Cara Johnson and Allison Moore
Faculty Members: Busch (Chair); Ragazzo; L. Hoffman; Mixon; Britton; Tabor
Committee Charge: Consider whether third year writing requirement should be changed; report to the faculty with recommendations during the fall semester.

Third-Year Special Studies and Skill Training Study Committee
Student Member: Evan Blankenau
Faculty Members: Busch (Chair); Marrus; Lawrence; Dow; Hills; Willis; Alumni
Committee Charge: Develop a program for second and third year to increase the extent to which graduates receive exposure to special studies and skills used in practice, including business skills, transactional, negotiation, mediation, and litigation, and report to the faculty in Spring.