Student Bar Association

What is the SBA?

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government organization at the Law Center. SBA presents the needs and concerns of the student body to the University of Houston Law Center faculty and administration. In addition, SBA represents the law school in the local as well as national law communities, serves as the umbrella organization for all other UHLC student groups, and sponsors a variety of social and networking events throughout the year.

Forums and Advocacy

As the official student government at the University of Houston Law Center, SBA conducts forums to hear student concerns, complaints, and suggestions. SBA stays in contact with the law centerís administration and works to represent the interests of students, particularly in addressing issues raised in the forums.


The SBA nominates students to serve on various Law Center committees seeking student representatives. Although the committees that exist change from year to year, representative types of committees include the Admissions, Faculty Appointments, Curriculum, Facilities, Library, Scheduling, Student Affairs, Third-Year Writing Requirement Committee, and Third-Year Special Studies and Skills Training Study committees. SBA also nominates students to serve on the Honor Court.

Bylaws and Constitution