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ELSA (Evening Law Student Association) is the student organization representing evening law students at the University of Houston Law Center in Houston, TX.


Welcome back!

ELSA will resume after school social hour Fall 2016 semester! Come join us at Pink's Pizza after class Thursday evenings to celebrate the end of the week and meet up with other part-time students!

The Coffee carrel is open for Fall 2016! It is located in the1st floor of TUII, carrel number 1162. Free coffee for ELSA members! Donations appreciated, not required, for non-ELSA evening students. There is a combination lock on the carrel, please lock up if you are the last person there. To get the combination, contact one of the ELSA Officers.

Free 1L supplements, including Torts, Contracts, and others will be available for use at the coffee carrel. Please sign out each book for as long as you need to!

                                       (Updated: August 31, 2016)

Temporis Pars, Totis Deticatum

The motto of the evening law student reflects the dedication of these students to the study of law. To this end, ELSA exists to assist and enable the pursuit of academic excellence by evening students and to enhance the quality of life and the collegiality of its members.

Contact ELSA at HoustonELSA@gmail.com