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2017 Tom Newhouse Competition Application


The Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition, sponsored by the Advocates, is an excellent opportunity for law students from any year in UHLC's Full-Time, Part-Time, and LLM programs to develop and demonstrate practical skills representing clients during mediation. Participation in the competition requires one of the lowest burdens of any competition the Advocates sponsors at UHLC. It also typically allows participants to earn a 1-hour non-substantive competition credit that may be applied during enrollment at UHLC, according to the student's specific degree requirements. The Newhouse Competition also occurs in conjunction with the Jeffrey S. Abrams National Mediator Competition, sponsored by the Blakely Advocacy Institute. While UHLC students compete in the Newhouse Competition as attorneys and clients during simulated mediations, competitors from across the United States compete in the Abrams Competition as mediators for those simulations.


The following materials provide detailed information about the 2017 Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition:



The Newhouse Competition operates in tandem with the Abrams \ Competition. The success of this relationship requires a very specific number of teams actively participate as competitors in both competitions. To be eligible for consideration, applicant teams must complete and submit the online application form AND the Competition Director must confirm that both teammates have fully paid their competition fees. Competitor teams will be selected from the eligible applicant teams on a first-come basis. The application closes at 11:59pm, Sunday, October 15, 2017. Both teammates will receive confirmation of your application's acceptance on Monday, October 16, 2017.

Completing the application requires both teammates' information. If you do not have a committed teammate, please send James Dorough-Lewis an email at Should slots for the competition be available after the application closes, James will provide you with the name of a partner, with whom you may apply as a late applicant. Late applications will be considered under the same standards as regular applications.


Payment via PayPal:

Membership Status

Online Application via Direct Link:

Online Application via Application Webpage:

Tabling in UHLC Commons:

  • Wednesday, October 11th, noon to 1pm
  • Wednesday, October 11th, 5pm to 6pm
  • Thursday, October 12th, noon to 1pm
  • Thursday, October 12th, 5pm to 6pm
  • Friday, October 13th, noon to 1pm


Contact Information for the Competition Director:

James Dorough-Lewis
Executive Chair for Mediation and Negotiation
2017-2018 Board of Advocacy