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The Negotiation and Contract Drafting Competition


The Negotiation and Contract Drafting Competition presents several unique opportunities and challenges for UHLC students.  A negotiation team consists of two students who play the role of attorneys.  Through the course of several rounds in a one-day competition, teams are presented with several unrelated fact patterns that each include a summary of their client’s position and interests and are then given a limited time to negotiate a deal with another team that serves as an opposing party.  Once the negotiation rounds are complete, each team has a few days to draft a contract that encapsulates the deal that was struck in one of the sessions.

The actual negotiations between competitors are not scored, rather teams receive points based on their ability to protect and secure their client’s interests in the deal that is struck between the teams in each round. 

The written contracts are also scored and feedback is generously provided by volunteer attorneys.  The scores and rankings from both parts of the competition are combined to determine the overall winner.

Payment for the Competition
Official registration for the Lorance Thompson Negotiation and Contract Drafting Competition opens on February 4th at 6pm. Payment for the competition prior to this date and time will be void unless you have received special permission from the Competition Director to register early.

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