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The Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition

The Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition is open to all students (Yes, 1L's may now participate!) at the University of Houston Law Center.  The competition is "closed-research," meaning that a pool of eligible cases and materials will be provided by The Advocates, and competitors are not allowed to cite other materials in their arguments.  Teams will prepare and present oral arguments for both sides of the case.

A Competition Team consists of two UHLC students, both serving as attorneys, and both attorneys must present in each round.  Competition rounds are judged by members of the Houston legal community who often offer feedback to the teams after the round is over.  Teams are scored on substantive content of their arguments, knowledge of the record, extemporaneous ability, and courtroom demeanor.

UHLC students, faculty, staff, and friends are invited to attend the Final Round in the Vinson & Elkins courtroom (111 TUII).

UHLC students can earn 1 hour of non-substantive competition credit by (1) making a good-faith effort in the Competition and (2) completing and timely submitting the writing assignment for the Competition that is described in the Competition Rules.

Click here to complete a Competition Credit Petition.

The Competition Teams that advance to the Final Round will receive a cash prize.  The Best Speaker in the Final Round will also be recognized.

The Advocates will kick off the signup period for the Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition with a learning lunch for this year's Blakely Butler Moot Court Competition on Monday, October 22, 2018.  If you are interested in competing, you should attend.  However, if you are unable to, do not worry! We will be recording it and have the link sent out.  The details for the lunch are as follows:

  • WHAT: Blakely Butler Moot Court presentation for oral advocacy competitions
  • WHERE: BLB 109
  • WHEN: October 22, 2019
  • TIME: 12:00pm to 12:50
  • FOOD? Yes, Domino's Pizza for the first 30-40

The sign-up period begins at the Learning Lunch and interested students can also sign up online HERE or at The Advocates table in The Commons at approximately 4pm on the 22nd after the learning lunch.  The cut off for sign ups is on October 30, 2018. The competition problem will be distributed to Competition Teams upon signing up and will then be released early on October 27th.


2018 Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition Learning Lunch: October 22, 2018 in 109 BLB. 
2018 Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition Signups: 10/22/2018 to 10/30/2018
2018 Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition Dates: Friday, November 2 & 3rd for Preliminaries and Friday, Nov. 9th for subsequent rounds.  
*Dates for subsequent rounds are subject to change pending the number of teams signed up. 

For-Credit Writing Assignment Due by November 15, 2018.  Submission requirements are in the Competitor packet.

Do you have questions or need more information? Email Arnold McAdams, the Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition Director.