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UHLC grads test their legal knowledge in Texas Bar exam

Student on Break

A brief lunch break, gives test takers a few minutes to relax during a tense, day-long exam.

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The studying is over and graduates of the University of Houston Law Center are put to the test in a grueling, 2 1/2-day examination of all they learned in law school. The State Bar of Texas exam consists of three parts: the Multistate Performance Test and the Procedure and Evidence Questions; the Multistate Bar Examination; and 12 essay questions on Texas law. Law Center volunteers, including faculty and staff, provide lunch vouchers and show their support for the future lawyers. Then comes the waiting: results won’t be released until early November. Nearly 90 percent of UHLC first-time takers passed the February bar. The average of the state's nine law schools was 84.78 percent.

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