Hoffman attends White House immigration reform briefings

Discussions focused on the challenges and legal issues involved with implementing the new deferred action policy.

Geoffrey Hoffman
University of Houston Law Center Associate Professor Geoffrey Hoffman, Attorney Lawrence Rushton, and Florida International University College of Law Professor Ediberto Roman attend the White House Immigration Community Leaders Briefing.

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June 20, 2012 – University of Houston Law Center Clinical Associate Professor Geoffrey Hoffman met with community leaders from across the country and various Obama Administration officials on Monday to discuss immigration reform. The White House Immigration Community Leaders Briefing, held at the White House complex in Washington, D.C., was an all-day event that consisted of multiple policy briefings and group discussions on the new deferred action policy that will allow some undocumented students to avoid deportation and receive work authorization.

“I was deeply honored to have been at the White House Immigration Community Leaders Briefing after the historic June 15 policy announcement by Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Napolitano and the President,” Hoffman said. “I was most impressed by the administration's seriousness of purpose and their firm commitment to helping those DREAMers who meet the strict criteria.”

Throughout the day, attendees discussed the challenges and legal issues involved with implementing the deferred action policy. A large undertaking that will involve an enormous commitment of resources, the policy could benefit an estimated number of over 800,000 DREAMers, according to Hoffman.

“Going forward there will be weekly conference calls which will be needed to flesh out the administrative process for applying for deferred action for DREAMers,” Hoffman said. “In addition, the government will need the assistance of law school clinics, pro bono organizations, and the private bar to educate people and dispel confusion and rumor.”

‪The Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano‬ spoke at the briefing series, as well as the heads of the three main agencies which will be involved in the deferred action policy: Immigration and Custom Enforcement, Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Customs and Border Protection. The head of the Civil Rights division for Department of Justice was also in attendance. ‬‬‬

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