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                                                                   Advocacy Survey
                                                                    Jim Lawrence

        CONGRATULATIONS TO THE                                     Appellate Advocacy      Daniel Davis
      2015-2016 BOARD OF ADVOCATES                                  Justice William Boyce  Randy Roach
                                                                    John Newton
                Chance Marshall, Executive Chair
          Emily Mott, Vice Chair of Public Relations               Applied Appellate Advocacy
                                                                    John-Thomas Foster Angela Odensky
             Sydney Nguyen, Vice Chair of Finance
               Hannah Tucker, Membership Chair                     Attorney Communication & Persuasion Techniques
             Rose Badruddin, Special Events Chair                  Sharon Hormann          Doug Koger
             Grace Murphy, External Affairs Chair
                   James Hu, Fundraising Chair                     Client Interviewing and Counseling
                                                                   Amy Hawk                Laranda Walker
     Joshua Rocha, Blakely Butler Competition Director
         J.T. Reinert, John Black Competition Director             Depositions             Michael Morfey
                                                                    Willie Ben Daw III
     Cheuck Yee, Hippard Novice Competition Director
 MacKenzie Dunham, Hippard Open Competition Director               Legal Negotiations      Robert Hughes
George Hayek, Negotiation/Mediation Competition Director           Tracy Leissner

2015-2016 ADVOCATES ASSOCIATE BOARD                                Pretrial Litigation     Mark Goranson
   Daniel Cadis      Julian Dominguez    Stacy Fisher               John Buckley           Roni Mihaly
  Mark Gonzalez         Matt Harper     John Hwang                  Amy Hawk
   Nick Morales                        Jeannie Nguyen               Janet Rushing
Mikhail Paltiyevich  Rachel Morefield    Kevin Yang
                        Kyle Seabolt                               Storytelling
                                                                    Jim Perdue, Sr.

                         and many thanks to the                    Trial Advocacy          Judge Susan Brown   Daragh Carter
                                                                    John Brewer            Willie Ben Daw III  Andrew Edison
   2015-2016 ADVOCATES FACULTY ADVISOR                              Dave Cunningham        Michael Griffin     Judge George Hanks, Jr.
                                                                    Zandra Foley           Jim Hippard         Jay Jackson
                          Amy Hawk                                  Judge Belinda Hill     Jim Lawrence        Judge Sylvia Matthews
                                                                    Dan Kasprzak           Kenneth Phillips    Judge Vanessa Velasquez
             From the 2014-2015 Board of Advocates…                 Stephen Pate           Justice Ken Wise
We know you will continue The Advocates’ tradition of excellence!   Ronald Wardell
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