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2014-2015 ADVOCATES COMPETITIONS, cont’d                                         ADVOCATES AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS

             JOHN BLACK MOOT COURT COMPETITION                              Each year, members of The Advocates choose two members of the
The John Black Moot Court Competition is open only to 1L students at        Board of Advocates to receive awards based on their service and
the Law Center. Teams must argue both sides during the competition          dedication to and achievements in The Advocates Program at the
and are scored by volunteers from the Houston legal community on the        University of Houston for the previous year. The Outstanding
substantive content of their arguments, their knowledge of the record,      Advocate Award recognizes a third-year student, while the
extemporaneous abilities, and courtroom demeanor.                           Distinguished Advocate Award recognizes a second- or third-year
       2015 First Place Team – Andrei Baru & George Hayek
       2015 Second Place Team – Jack Frazee & Joshua Rocha                               2014-2015 OUTSTANDING ADVOCATE AWARD
                                                                                                             Pierce T. Cox
                    2015 Best Speaker – Andrei Baru
                                                                                        2014-2015 DISTINGUISHED ADVOCATE AWARD
           TOM NEWHOUSE MEDIATION COMPETITION                                                            Michael Ghutzman
Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition teams consist of two students
acting as the lawyer and the client. The teams are presented with fact      The Board of Advocates annually grants two Advocates members
patterns summarizing their side’s position and interests in a dispute.      with the Byron McCoy Excellence in Advocacy Scholarship and
Teams then receive a limited time to present their position and work        the Achievement in Advocacy Scholarship. The scholarships are
through the dispute with mediators who are themselves competitors in        awarded based on achievements in intramural and/or interscholastic
the Jeffry S. Abrams National Mediator Competition. Competitors are         advocacy competitions throughout the recipient’s law school career.
scored on their case analysis, creativity, presentation, expression of the  Recipients of these scholarships are chosen by The Advocates’ faculty
client’s goals, ability to work out an acceptable compromise, and           advisor in consultation with student representatives from the three
professional courtesy.                                                      interscholastic competition teams and the sitting Advocates’
                                                                            Executive Chair or his/her representative.
   First Place Team – Rose Badruddin & Brandon Schrecengost
         Second Place Team – Jereme Gray & Daniel Willard                                            2014-2015 BYRON MCCOY
                                                                                          EXCELLENCE IN ADVOCACY SCHOLARSHIP
                CONTRACT DRAFTING COMPETITION                                                          Brandon Schrecengost
                                                                                   2014-2015 ACHIEVEMENT IN ADVOCACY SCHOLARSHIP
In several rounds, teams in the Lorance and Thompson Negotiation and
Contract Drafting Competition negotiate and strike deals with one                                            Michael Ryan
another. Teams then draft and submit a contract for one of those deals.
Scores for each round are based on how well each team protects and
secures their client’s interests in the deal made in each round. The best
overall contract is chosen by attorneys at Lorance and Thompson, PC.

       2015 First Place Team – Sarah Kelly & Katherine Tims
       2015 Second Place Team – Aaron Ford & Carl Matejka

                        2015 Best Contract – TBA
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