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BOARD OF ADVOCATES                                    2014-2015 ADVOCATES COMPETITIONS

                    Pierce Cox, Executive Chair                       JAMES HIPPARD, SR. MOCK TRIAL COMPETITIONS
          Megan Roper, Vice Chair of Public Relations        The Advocates hosts two Hippard Mock Trial Competitions during the
                                                             academic year: the Hippard Open and the Hippard Novice. All UHLC
               Stephen Risley, Vice Chair of Finance         students are eligible to compete in the Open, but only students with less
                  Armin Salek, Membership Chair              than one year of experience on the Mock Trial Team can compete in the
                                                             Novice. Competitors prepare and argue the case for both sides and are
                Ricco Garcia, Special Events Chair           scored by volunteers from the Houston legal community on their motions
               Grace Murphy, External Affairs Chair          in limine, opening statements, direct & cross examinations, closing
              Michael Ghutzman, Fundraising Chair            arguments, objections, courtroom presence, and demeanor.
      Nathan Inurria, Blakely Butler Competition Director
          Davut Atik, John Black Competition Director                 2014 HIPPARD OPEN MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION
      Cheuck Yee, Hippard Novice Competition Director                 First Place Team – Laura De La Cruz & Shane Gilroy
         Katie Ray, Hippard Open Competition Director                 Second Place Team – Courtney Giles & Steve Maule
Chance Marshall, Negotiation/Mediation Competition Director          2015 HIPPARD NOVICE MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION
                                                                  First Place Team – MacKenzie Dunham & Matthew Harper
ADVOCATES ASSOCIATE BOARD                                             Second Place Team – Andrew Holcomb & James Hu

 Bayoji Akingbola     Emily Banse       Leah Buenik                    BLAKELY-BUTLER MOOT COURT COMPETITION
    Stacy Fisher      Matt Halpin      Drew Kwartler         The Blakely-Butler Moot Court Competition is open to all 2L and 3L
                   Orlando Mercado    Nicholas Morales       students at the Law Center. Teams prepare and present oral arguments for
Carolyn McCormick  Leigh Ann Ressler    Kyle Seabolt         both sides of the case and are scored by members of Houston’s legal
     J.T. Reinert      Ben Wallen                            community on the substantive content of their arguments, their knowledge
                                                             of the record, extemporaneous abilities, and courtroom demeanor.
                                                                   2014 First Place Team – Laura De La Cruz & Shane Gilroy
William Cooper     Mark Gonzalez       Matt Harper                  2014 Second Place Team – Leah Buenik & Kelsey Trom
Sydney Nguyen        Janan Sharaf     Zainab Tarique                              2014 Best Speaker – Leah Buenik

                   Victor Zertuche

                   Faculty Advisor – Amy Hawk

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