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ORDER OF EVENTS                                        ABOUT THE ADVOCATES
6:00 Cocktail Hour
6:45 Opening Remarks                                   The Advocates is the University of Houston Law Center’s
7:00 Dinner Service                                    student organization devoted to improving students’ oral
8:00 Awards Ceremony                                   advocacy presentation skills through competition. Each year
                                                       The Advocates hosts intramural moot court, mock trial, and
        - Interscholastic Team Recognitions            alternative dispute resolution competitions to give UHLC
        - Advocates Competitor Recognitions            students opportunities to develop and practice invaluable skills
        - Advocates Awards & Scholarship Recognitions  used by practicing attorneys.
        - Order of The Barristers Announcement
        - Lifetime Achievement Award in Advocacy         ABOUT THE BLAKELY ADVOCACY INSTITUTE

Closing Remarks                                        The UHLC Blakely Advocacy Institute is a national leader in
                                                       teaching the art of advocacy and improving the efficacy of the
                SPECIAL THANKS TO                      legal profession and justice system. The BAI merges substantive
                                                       law with lawyering skills to enhance the local, national and
       FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF ADVOCACY AT THE   international legal communities. We teach law students the skills
                 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON LAW CENTER      they need to become accomplished members of the legal
                                                       profession, promote research and study to advance our nation’s
                                                       dispute resolution systems, and provide continuing legal
                                                       education programs in advocacy and lawyering techniques.

                                                                           Jim Lawrence – BAI Director
                                                                      Amy Hawk – BAI Associate Director
                                                                    Nicole Dellario – BAI Program Manager
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