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Ewer-Oren J.D. Health Law                     Joan Garfinkel Glantz
Writing Award                                 Civil Liberties Scholarship
The Ewer-Oren J.D. Health Law Writing         Awarded to a graduating student who has
Award was established by Professor Emerita    worked extensively in the area of civil
Laura Oren in honor of two very special       liberties.
people. One is Dr. Michael Ewer, Law          Donor: 	 Friends of Joan Garfinkel Glantz
Center J.D. and LLM, Guest Professor at       Recipient: 	 Lauren “Addie” Fisher-Flores
the Law Center, Professor of Cardiology,
and Special Assistant to the Vice President   Joan Garfinkel Glantz Scholarship
at M.D. Anderson hospital. The other is her   Awarded for the best paper on Civil
mother, the late Grace Oren, who dedicated    Liberties.
her career (paid and unpaid) to cerebral      Donor: 	 Friends of Joan Garfinkel Glantz
palsied children. The Writing Prize is to be  Recipient: 	 Sabra G. Thomas, “Addressing
awarded annually to a UHLC student who        Wrongful Convictions: An Examination of
has written the best research paper in the    Texas’s New Junk Science Writ and Other
field of Health Law.                          Measures for Protecting the Innocent”
Donor: 	 Professor Laura Oren
Recipients:	                                  John Ventura Scholar
Amanda M. Schramm, “Are We ‘App’t To          To honor the memory of John Ventura, the
Manage Our Own Healthcare: The Need           founding Director of the Texas Consumer
For A Long Term Regulatory Solution For       Complaint Center, the Center for
Mhealth Apps.”                                Consumer has established the position of
                                              “Ventura Scholar." This position is awarded
Kayleigh K. Smith, “Free to Be Me:            to a second or third year student interested
Incorporating Transgender Voices into the     in furthering the rights of consumers.
Development of Prison Policies”               Donor: 	 Texas Consumer Complaint Center
                                              Recipient: 	 Diana C. Moreland
Benjamin P. Wells, “Regulating Humanity’s
Future: Human Augmentation and a Novel        Clinical Legal Education Association
Proposal for Regulation Using the Internet’s  The Clinical Legal Education Association
Regulatory Structure as a Model”              (CLEA) recognizes law students who have
                                              excelled in a clinical course in law school
Yale L. Rosenberg Memorial Prize              and thus created this award. The award
Awarded for the best student paper in         is based on excellence in case work, in
Habeus, Administrative Law, Civil Procedure,  the seminar component of the course,
Federal Jurisdiction or Jewish Law.           and, if relevant, the nature and extent of
Donor: 	 Friends of Yale L. Rosenberg         the student’s contribution to the clinical
Recipient: 	 Gordon J. Martens, “Something’s  community at their law school.
Got to Give: The Anomaly and Doctrinal Ten-   Donor: 	 Clinical Legal Education
sion in the Wake of Pinholster and Martinez”  	Association
                                              Recipient: 	 Lauren “Addie” Fisher-Flores
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