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Texas State Bar Oil and Gas Section          Dean A. A. White Student Scholarship
Scholarship                                  Awarded to students for academic
Awarded to students who have                 excellence and who will be a a credit to the
demonstrated outstanding academic            legal profession.
achievement and an interest in Oil and Gas.  Donor: 	 A.A. White, Dean Emeritus
Donor: 	 Texas State Bar                     	 & Ersie Kern Ator White
	 Oil and Gas Section                        Recipients:	Jordan M. Fossee
Recipient:	 Taylor E. Gissel                 	 Shayna M. Goldblatt
	 Marcus L. Rabinowitz                       	 Shahla Hazratjee
                                             	 Marcus L. Rabinowitz
Houston Bar Association,
Oil, Gas & Mineral Law Scholarship           Ann Dinsmore Forman Memorial
Awarded to students who have                 Child Advocacy Award
demonstrated outstanding academic            Ann Forman spent nearly her entire
achievement and an interest in Oil and Gas.  professional life in the Travis County
Donor: 	 Houston Bar Association,            District Attorney’s Office in its unit devoted
	 Oil, Gas & Mineral Section                 to the protection of abused and neglected
Recipients:	Angeline J. Gallivan             children. She was a tireless advocate for her
	 Gordon J. Martens                          charges, and an inspiration to all who knew
	 Destinee K. Roman                          her. This scholarship is awarded to a student
                                             whose career demonstrates a high level of
Buck J. Wynne Memorial Scholarship           commitment to the welfare of abused or
The State Bar of Texas Environmental         neglected children, or other children with
and Natural Resources Law Section            special needs.
established this scholarship in memory of    Donor: 	 Friends of Ann Dinsmore Forman
Buck J. Wynne, a prominent environmental     Recipient: 	 Lauren “Addie” Fisher-Flores
attorney who died in 1996. It is awarded
to the top students in introductory          Ann Dinsmore Forman
environmental law classes.                   AWIL Award
Donor: State Bar of Texas,                   In memory of the co-founder and founding
Environmental & Natural Resources            president of the Association of Women
Law Section                                  in Law, Ann Dinsmore Forman, this
Recipient: Virdiana Darby                    award is presented to the student who
                                             best exemplifies advocacy of matters of
Black Law Student Association (BLSA)         particular concern to the Association of
Alumni Scholarship                           Women in Law.
This award was established by the BLSA       Donor: 	 Friends of Ann Dinsmore Forman
Alumni to assist a student member of the     Recipient: 	 Isabela M. Belchior
organization in her quest for professional
Donor: 	 Alumni of the Black Law Students 	
Recipient: 	 Olivia C. Fragoso
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