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Marvin D. Nathan ’66 Fellowship                Claude Hippard Scholarship
Awarded to a student to work as a fellow       This scholarship is awarded to a current
with the Anti-Defamation League.               second year student who has outstanding
Donor: 	 Marlene Nathan Meyerson               moral character financial need, and
	 Family Foundation                            demonstrates an interest in government
	 & Marvin D. Nathan                           service.
Recipient: 	 David A. Stephan                  Donor: 	 Dr. Helena Karlberg Hippard
                                               Recipient: 	 Lisa L. Virgen
Robert C. Sohns '72 Fellowship
Awarded to a student who has shown             Prudential Life Insurance
interest in public service. This student will  Scholarship
serve as a summer intern at Lone Star Legal    Awarded to students in the Health Law
Aid.                                           Program who have exhibited academic
Donor: 	 Robert C. Sohns, Jr.                  Donor: 	 Prudential Life
Recipient: 	 Janan N. Sharaf                   	 Insurance Company
                                               Recipients:	Bradley A. Cook
AT&T Pro Bono Fellowship                       	 Kart Pormeister
This fellowship is awarded to a student who    	 Amy N. Westergren
has a commitment to public service and will
be working full-time for a public interest or  John B. Neibel Scholarship
government agency during the summer.           To an outstanding student demonstrating
                                               academic excellence in Health Law
Donor: 	 AT&T Services, Inc.                   Donor: 	 Friends and Family
Recipient: 	 Melissa S. MacNeil                	 of John B. Neibel
                                               Recipient: 	 Cle' Holly
James E. Crowther Scholarship
Awarded to students committed to public        Judge Mary Bacon '72 Scholarship
interest work.                                 Awarded to current law students
Donor: 	 The Hobby Family Foundation           exemplifying professionalism while
Recipients:	Gabriella K. Cole                  maintaining two generation households
	 Aaron J. Ford                                living at the same residence.
	 David R. Lopez                               Donor: 	 Friends and Family
                                               	 of Judge Mary Bacon
Jackson Lewis Scholarship                      Recipients:	Derra L. Mattina
Awarded to a student from a group              	 Lance E. Oelke
underrepresented in the legal profession
and who has demonstrated an interest in the
study and practice of labor and employment
Donor: 	 Jackson Lewis LLP
Recipient: 	 Veronica D. Cruz

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