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J. Huey O'Toole Award                        Houston Bar Association,
Awarded to a student of outstanding          Probate, Trusts and Estates
character who has exhibited academic         Awarded to a law student who has shown
excellence in family law courses.            exemplary success in coursework related to
Donor: 	 Friends and family of               probate.
	 J. Huey O'Toole                            Donor: 	 HBA Probate,
Recipient: 	 Amanda D. Pesonen               	 Trusts & Estates Section
                                             Recipient: 	 Christina D. White
Hutcheson & Grundy Scholarship
Awarded to assist a student in fulfilling    ALI-ABA Scholarship
professional aspirations. It is based        and Leadership Award
on academic excellence, demonstrated         Awarded to the law student in the
leadership, extracurricular involvement and  graduating class who best represents a
overall success in law school.               combination of scholarship and leadership.
Donor: 	 Hutcheson & Grundy LLP              Donor: 	 American Law Institute-
Recipient: 	 Benjamin A. Cohen-Kurzrock      	 ABA Committee on
                                             	 Continuing Legal Education
Barksdale Stevens Award                      Recipient: 	 LaDelle “DeDe” Davenport
Awarded to a deserving third year law
student who is active and shows interest in  American Bankruptcy Institute
the Law Center.                              Medal of Excellence
Donor: 	 BakerBotts LLP                      Awarded to the student who has shown
Recipient: 	 Karla V. Garcia                 exemplary success in coursework and
                                             activities related to Bankruptcy.
Houston Bar Association,                     Donor: 	 Thatcher Proffitt & Wood LLP
Real Estate Law Section Award                Recipient: 	 Andrew J. Geppert
Awarded to a current law student who
demonstrates academic merit and              National Order of Scribes
an interest in real estate law through       Awarded to graduating law students
coursework and work experience.              who demonstrate the highest levels of
Donor: 	 HBA Real Estate Law Section         professionalism and are outstanding legal
Recipient: 	 Leigh A. Ressler                writers.
                                             Donor: 	 Order of Scribes
Houston Bar Association,                     Recipients: Grant S. Buchanan
Corporate Counsel Section Award              	 Brooke N. Granger
Awarded to a current law student who         	 Janna M. Mouret
demonstrates academic merit and              	 Barrett Schitka
an interest in corporate law through         	 Kayleigh K. Smith

Donor: 	 HBA Corporate Counsel Section
Recipient: 	 Kyungsil Lee

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