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International Academy of                       Gil Epstein '94 Scholarship
Trial Lawyers Award                            Awarded to a student who plans to be a
Awarded to a student explemifying
                                               criminal lawyer and has shown the greatest
outstanding ability in courtroom advocacy.
Donor: 	 Donald F. O'Brien                     promise in that regard.
Recipient: 	 Courtney E. Giles                 Donor: 	 Friends and Family of Gil Epstein
                                               Recipient: 	 Brian E. Hutchison

Lee Ware & Rusty McMains                       Judge Richard F. Pratt
Memorial Scholarship                           Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of  This scholarship is awarded in memory

Lee Ware and Rusty McMains. The dedication     of Judge Richard F. Pratt. The recipient

and leadership that these two extraordinary    must be a member of the Christian Legal

individuals exhibited was remarkable. This     Society, in good academic standing and of

scholarship is awarded to an outstanding       high moral character. The selection was

student who has competed on either the moot    based upon an essay detailing why strong

court team or mock trial team.                 character is an important characteristic for
Donor: 	 Friends of Lee Ware
	 and Rusty McMains                            an attorney.
Recipient: 	 Michael F. Ryan                   Donor: 	 Paul Patterson
                                               Recipient: 	 Michael F. Ryan

Alumni Association Scholarship                 Nathan Sommers Jacobs Scholarship
Awarded to students exhibiting                 Awarded to a student who has demonstrated
leadership, character and involvement in       a commitment to the Law Center through
extracurricular activities. Preference is      extracurricular activities.
given to students who have volunteered         Donor: 	 Nathan Sommers Jacobs
with the Law Gala and Auction.                 Recipient: 	 Pierce T. Cox
Donor: 	 Annual Law Gala and Auction
Recipients:	Olivia C. Fragoso                  Richard W. Simmons ‘77
	 Kim E. Lewinski                              Memorial Scholarship
	 Nayje Soto Marcano                           In memory of Richard Simmons, a
	 Raymer A. Mujica                             United States Bankruptcy Trustee, this
	 Katherine T. Seiler                          scholarship is awarded to a student who has
                                               demonstrated an interest in bankruptcy,
Alicia Jewell / Mehaffey & Weber               through coursework, activities, externships
Scholarship                                    or employment.
In memory of Alicia Jewell a 1990 graduate     Donor: 	 Friends of Richard W. Simmons
who lost her life in an automobile accident.   Recipient: 	 Andrew J. Geppert
This scholarship was created to assist an
outstanding student who shows not only
scholarship but also leadership abilities and
who is in need of scholarship support for
the continuation of her education.
Donor: 	 Mehaffey & Weber
	 and Friends of Alicia Jewell
Recipient: 	 Charlotte E. Ferraro
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