Three UH Law Center programs rank in US News’ Top 10  

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March 11, 2014 – The part-time program at the University of Houston Law Center is among the nation’s Top 10, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings released today. In addition, two of the school’s specialty programs stayed in the Top 10. U.S. News Rankings Intellectual Property and Information Law held steady in 7th place and the Health Law program ranked 9th.  Specialty programs are judged by expert faculty teaching in that particular field.

The law school’s overall ranking, however, slipped to 58th among the nation’s 194 ABA accredited law schools based on a weighted average of twelve factors. The Law Center ranked 48th in last year’s survey.

“Most of our numbers that count toward the overall ranking actually held steady; some even increased,” said Interim Dean Richard M. Alderman. “The major factor that did drop was Lawyer/Judge peer ranking.” One number that held steady, but must improve, he said, is employment after graduation.  “Although we still have an excellent rate of employment nine months after graduation (75.2%), I have initiated numerous new programs for this year to boost that number. I am confident they will translate into even better employment numbers in the future.”

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