Nearly 90% of UHLC first-timers pass the February bar

Congratulations to the new attorneys!

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May 6, 2013 – Nearly 90 percent of the University of Houston Law Center graduates who took the Texas State Bar exam for the first time in February passed. The passage rate of 89.66 percent was up slightly over the rate of 88.6 percent for those taking the July 2012 exam. The average of the state's nine law schools was 84.78 percent.

Two schools, Baylor and Texas Tech, ranked higher than the Law Center with rates of 95.56 percent and 95.45 percent respectively. The state's other law schools and their passage rates are:  T.W.U., 88.68 percent; University of Texas, 86.36; South Texas, 85.22; St. Mary's, 75; S.M.U. 73.08; and T.S.U., 66.67.

Click here for the official results. 

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