UH Moment showcases Texas Consumer Complaints Center

TCCC helps hundreds of consumers each month resolve their problems free of charge

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April 27, 2012 – The Texas Consumer Complaints Center at the University of Houston Law Center is the focus of the most recent Houston PBS UH Moment, a weekly special that highlights innovative research, programs, centers and successes at the University of Houston.

The TCCC helps consumers settle disputes by informing them of their legal rights and assisting with the resolution of disputes through mediation, and when necessary litigation. Services are provided to consumers at no charge.

Founded in 2006 with the help of the state attorney general’s office, the TCCC exists as part of the law school’s Center for Consumer Law. In  1979, Richard Alderman, associate dean at the UH Law Center, decided that law schools should do more than just teach people to be lawyers.

“They should help people learn about how the law can help them in their everyday transactions, so I started the Center for Consumer Law in 1979,” says Alderman. “That is, in essence, what we continue to do today.”

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