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Ken Starr to speak
on religious freedom

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Ken StarrKen Starr, independent counsel during the Clinton Administration and current president of Baylor University, will speak Wednesday on Religious Liberty: Its Future in America at a lunch hour address sponsored by the Federalist Society. 

As independent counsel, Starr continued an investigation into Whitewater real estate transactions involving the Clintons and looked into the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster. He later expanded his inquiries to include possible perjury and obstruction of justice by President Clinton concerning his involvement with intern Monica Lewinsky. That probe resulted in the president’s impeachment and eventual acquittal by the Senate.

Starr previously served as judge on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and as United States Solicitor General. He assumed the presidency of Baylor University in February 2010.

The noon event will be held in room 144 BLB. A barbeque lunch will be served to the first 120 attendees.

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