Prof. Marrus urges juvenile defenders at national summit to stress race in the courtroom

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Ellen Marrus, director of the UHLC Center for Children discusses the importance of knowing how to represent children of color.

Nov. 10, 2014 -- University of Houston Law Center Professor Ellen Marrus urged juvenile defenders at a national summit not to shy away from raising the issue of race when representing clients in the justice system.

“Children of color are grossly disproportionately represented in the juvenile justice system,” said Marrus, director of the Center for Children, Law & Policy at the Law Center. “It is important for defenders to know how to bring up these issues in their cases and to feel comfortable in doing so.”

More than 400 juvenile defenders from around the country attended the annual National Juvenile Defender Summit held this year in Louisville, KY., to discuss cutting edge topics and policy issues in juvenile justice.

In addition to her presentation titled “Raising Race,” Marrus led discussions on widening the network of defenders in the southwest, providing additional resources and support to the region, and making a coordinated effort to stop the shackling of youth in juvenile courts.

Marrus is also on the advisory board for the National Juvenile Defender Center and co-director for the Southwest Juvenile Defender Center.

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