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HLPI symposium focuses on future of America’s health care system 

Health Law Symposium

Nov. 10, 2014 -- A small group of health law scholars, including five University of Houston Law Center professors, gathered in Houston earlier this fall to discuss their research on the future of the United States health care system.

The workshop/symposium titled, “America’s Future Health Care System: Implications for Health Law, Policy, and Ethics,” was sponsored by the Health Law & Policy Institute at the Law Center and the student-published Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy.

The symposium, held Oct. 16-17 at the Four Seasons in Houston, focused on changes in how health care in the U.S. is organized, delivered, financed, and regulated. “Presenters offered insightful analysis of emerging trends in health care and proposed reforms to address the legal and ethical issues raised by these changes,” said Professor Jessica Mantel, co-director of the health law institute, who coordinated the event.

Presenters were Mark Hall (Wake Forest), Sonia Suter (George Washington), Jordan Paradise (Seton Hall), Katharine Van Tassel (Akron), and Ryan Abbott (Southwestern). Commenters were Richard Saver (North Carolina) and Nicholas Bagley (Michigan).

UHLC professors Jessica Mantel, Seth Chandler, Barbara Evans, David Kwok, and Allison Winnike also participated in the workshop. The presenters’ articles will be published in the Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy’s spring 2015 symposium issue.

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