Fall Semester kicks off

Get to know the Class of 2015 with these fun facts.

First Day!

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Aug. 27, 2012 – The University of Houston Law Center welcomes the Class of 2015 as the Fall Semester begins today. Boasting an interesting array of talents, members of the new class range from a second-degree black belt to a professional ballroom dancer to an opera singer. Here are some fast facts about the new 1Ls.

The incoming class is comprised of 184 full-time students and 30 part-time students. The group includes several NCAA athletes including competitors in football, rowing, golf, rugby, and women’s cross country.

There are also numerous military members among the entering class, including those in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. In addition, the Class of 2015 includes several marathon runners, one professional golfer, a professional bowler, a Zumba instructor, a massage therapist, five Eagle Scouts, three volunteers of the American Red Cross and a HPD officer.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Law Center: Welcome!

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