Financial Literacy Program focuses on debt

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Nov. 7, 2011 – The University of Houston Law Center Student Bar Association kicked off its Financial Literacy Program Monday with Financial Aid Officer Laura Neal discussing “What is happening with your money while in school?”  The lunch hour presentation served as a primer on finances for more than 50 students, most of whom were first-time graduate school borrowers. Topics included the basics of borrowing, the impact of current decisions on the long-term life of student loans, and ways to decrease the financial stresses of law school.  Co-sponsors included the Law Students Assistance Program, Health Law Organization, and Hispanic Law Students Organization.

SBA’s Financial Literacy Program is a newly created two-part series helping students understand student loans during school and after graduation.  The fall semester event introduces the basics of graduate school loans while in school and the spring semester event focuses on dealing with post-graduation loan issues.

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