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Jeffry S. Abrams National Mediator Competition

Sept. 30, 2011 – The University of Houston Law Center’s Blakely Advocacy Institute is presenting the Jeffry S. Abrams National Mediator Competition, a forum that allows top law students nationwide to put their mediation skills into action before a team of judges. Sponsored by Jeffrey S. Abrams, a distinguished Houston mediator, the competition is scheduled for Nov. 10-12. The first place winner will receive the Frank G. Evans Scholarship Award for $2,000.

“This is an extraordinary dual-track competition,” said Professor Tasha Willis, ADR Director of the UH Law Center. “It is one of the only competitions where students actually serve as mediators and are judged on their effectiveness as mediators.”

While the Abrams National Mediation Competition is underway, there is an intramural mediation advocacy competition, the Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition, where UH Law Center students compete as advocate/client in mediation. These intramural students serve as the parties to the mediation rounds for the national competition.

There are preliminary rounds in the mediation competition, a semi-final round and a final round. The final round is judged by Jeffry Abrams, for whom the national competition is named; the Hon. Frank G. Evans, for whom the $2,000 scholarship awarded to the best mediator in the national competition is named; and Prof. Tom Newhouse, for whom the intramural competition is named.

The competition is open to any law student in the country although space is limited. The registration form is available at  Deadline for registration is Nov. 1. For more information, contact Judy Clark at or 713-742-2066.

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