Welcome Class of ’14

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UH Law Center - You are the pride

Aug. 22, 2011 – The Fall Semester kicks off today at the University of Houston Law Center, and the Class of 2014 is composed of 258 talented and interesting students. The new bunch of lawyers-to-be range from a ju-jitsu black belt to a professional Indy car team member to a pastry chef. Here are some fun facts about the new 1Ls.

The incoming class is comprised of 203 full-time students and 55 part-time students. The group of future lawyers includes graduates of 96 different schools with more than 56 majors. Thirty incoming students hold graduate degrees, including four Ph.D.s and five MBAs.

Entering class members speak a total of 34 different languages including Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. Ten students speak three or more languages, and one student speaks seven. In addition, the Class of 2014 includes several marathon runners and triathletes, one professional football player, a professional bowler, a health advisor for the CDC, four pilots, 17 Eagle Scouts, and a HPD officer.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Law Center: Welcome!

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