Law Center key stop on Norwegian legal tour

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18 students from Oslo chose the University of Houston Law Center

Tradition holds that law students from the University of Oslo, Norway, always choose a different country and law school to visit and learn about different ways of studying and practicing the law. This year,  18 students from Oslo  chose the University of Houston Law Center.  During their recent visit to the campus, the students attended a Procedure and Contracts class; engaged Professors Stephen Zamora and Gidi in discussions about U.S. law and differences between teaching styles and education systems in the U.S. and Norway; toured the Law Center; and had lunch with current students. The fast-track immersion trip also included visits to criminal courts; a prison in Richmond, Texas; two law firms; an oil company; and the offices of the Norwegian consul general.  But work gave way to play, as well, and group members said they managed to spend some time exploring Houston. 

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