Name and Title Phone Email Office
Jennifer Aaron
Secretary 2
713.743.2182  44 TU-2 
Baroness Adams
Web Developer II
Information Security Officer
713.743.4473  49A TUII 
Jacquelyn Aguilar
Center for Consumer Law
713.743.4570  45H TU II 
Judge Georgia Akers
Yocel  Alonso
Adjunct Professor   
Anna Archer
Adjunct Professor
Paul  Asofsky
Tax LL.M. Director
713.743.2308  214 TU2 
Guadalupe Ayon
Coord. Financial 1
713-743-5976  5 BLB 
Kafah Bachari
Transactional Clinic Director
713.743.2554  222 TUII 
Christopher Bacon   
Katy Stein Badeaux
Assistant Librarian
713.743.2324  10 LL 
Thelma Baines
Program Manager; Legal Aid Clinic
713.743.1176  56 TU2 
Steve Baldassano
Adjunct Professor   
Samuel Barker
Media Services Coordinator
713.743.1668  51 TUII 
Leonard Baynes
Dean and Professor of Law
3-2478  104 BLB 
Janet Beck
Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
713.743.2052  56P TU2 
David Bender
Visiting Professor
Craig Bergez
Adjunct Professor   
Emily Berman
Assistant Professor
713.743.2507  228 TU II 
Veronica Bernal
Immigration Clinic Fellow
723.743-6442  TU 2 59 
Sindee Bielamowicz
Program Manager; Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law
713.743.2180  201S TUII 
Emily Bolon
Erma Bonadero
Visiting Assistant Professor; Director, Externship Program
713.743.2531  101D BLB 
Lynn Bortka
Adjunct Professor
Helen Boyce
Head of Access Services; Law Library
713.743.2286  6 LL 
William Boyce
Adjunct Professor    
Tim S.  Braley
Adjunct Professor   
Kecia Branch
Program Coordinator
713-743-2480    Career Development Suite 8 
Kathy  Brannon
Director of External Affairs
713.743.2089  7D BLB 
Zachary Bray
Assistant Professor of Law
713.743.2217  126 BLB 
Katherine  Brem
713-743-5945  15 H BLB 
Dan Brennan
Raymond Britton
Professor of Law
713.743.2153  216 BLB 
Judge Susan Brown
Charles D. Brown   
Johnny Buckles
Professor of Law and Law Foundation Professor
713.743.2348  218 TUII 
Marcilynn Burke
Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Law
713.743.2336  134 TUII 
Darren Bush
Professor of Law and Law Foundation Professor
713.743.3346  126 TUII 
Franklin Bynum
Larry Campagna   
Josefina Campos
Visiting Scholar - Mexico
Julian Cardenas Garcia
Visiting Professor of Law
713.743.1831  118 TUII 
Maria-Vittoria  Carminati
Daragh John Carter    
Nicole Casarez
Julie Chan
Library Documents Specialist, O'Quinn Law Library
713.743.2321  110 KH  
Seth Chandler
Foundation Professor of Law
713.743.2123  104E TUII 
Anthony Chase
Associate Professor of Law
713.743.2162  104F TUII 
Ying Chen
Visiting Scholar - China
Steven Chen
Research Assistant Professor
Hsiu-Lin Chiang
Financial Analyst; Business Services
713.743.2150  5E BLB 
Jessica  Claiborne
College Business Administrator; Business Services
713.743.0890  5G BLB 
Judy Clark
Program Manager; A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center
713.743.2066  102D BLB 
Michaela Clark
Program Coordinator; External Affairs
713.743.2201  7G BLB 
Elizabeth Clearman
Counselor Law Admission
713-743-1432  56E TU2 
Kelli Cline
Executive Assistant to the Dean
713.743.2259  104A BLB 
Luddie Collins
Executive Secretary Dean Office
713.743.2200  104 BLB 
Marlene Cortes
Senior Library Assistant
713.743.2313  12 LL 
Vicky Crain
Coordinator; Student Affairs
713.743.2186  44 TUII 
Carrie Criado
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
713.743.2184  102B TUII 
David Crump
John B. Neibel Professor of Law
713.743.2073  128 TUII 
David Cunningham
Adjunct Professor   
Mickey Davis
Adjunct Professor   
Daniel Davis
Adjunct Professor   
Nicole Davis
Virginia Davis McFarland
Librarian/Coordinator of Government Documents
713.743.2310  12 LL 
Willie Daw
Adjunct Professor   
Alistair Dawson   
Nicole  Dellario
Office Coordinator; Blakely Advocacy Institute
713.743.2065  101 BLB 
Ali Dhanani
Jamie West Dillon
Assistant Dean for Admissions
713.743.2277  40 TUII 
Anne Doise
Sr. Spec.Career Developmen
713-743-6717  10 G BLB 
Linda Dole
Richard Dole
Bobby Wayne Young Professor of Consumer Law
713.743.2139  118 BLB 
Daniel  Donahue
International/Foreign Law Librarian
713.743.1099  12 LL 
David Dow
Cullen Professor of Law
713.743.2171  120 BLB 
Cheryl Drew
Program Manager; External Affairs
713.743.2114  7F BLB 
Arthur Dula
Adjunct Professor   
Meredith Duncan
George Butler Research Professor of Law
713.743.2019  230 BLB 
Chris Dykes
Reference Librarian
713.743.2306  16 LL 
Andrew Edison   
Mona Elchahal
Associate Director; Career Development
713.743.2090  8 BLB 
Allen Emerson
Project Manager; Facilities
713.743.3013  19 BLB 
Krystle Emerson
Senior Library Assistant
713.743.2317  12 LL 
Charles Eskridge
Barbara Evans
Professor of Law and George Butler Research Professor Director, Center on Biotechnology & Law
713.743.2993  104F TUII 
Michael Ewer
Visiting Professor   
David Fagundes
Visiting Professor
Judge David Farr
Victor Flatt
Melissa Fleet
Administrative Assistant - TUII Faculty Suite
713.743.2226  210 TU II  
Jacqueline Flores
Student Help Desk Coordinator; Information Technology
713.743.9148  49C TUII 
Zandra Foley
Peggy Fortner
Administrative Director of Graduate Legal Studies
713.743.2890  48 TUII 
Derrick Gabriel
Director of Student Affairs/Registrar
713.743.2189  46 TUII 
Edward Gallagher
Assistant United States Attorney   
Melinda Galvan
Executive Secretary; External Affairs
713.743.2209  7A BLB 
Luana Gearing
Administrative Assistant
David Gerger
Russell Gibbs
Assistant Dean and Senior Director of Advancement
713-743-1454  7C BLB 
Kathryn Gigliotti
Dir. Development 1
713-743-7304  7 BLB 
Elaine  Gildea
Executive Secretary - Health Law Suite
713.743.2106  104 TUII 
Richard Ginsburg
Juan González
Visiting Scholar - Mexico
Robert Gonzalez
Manager; Building Maintenance
713.743.2205  19A BLB 
Mark Goranson
Adjunct Professor   
Suzanne Gordon
Program Manager; Student Affairs
713.743.2080  56A TUII 
Brisa Gossett
Center for U.S. and Mexican Law (NACLE)
713.743.0474  201K TUII 
Bernard Goudeau III
Julie  Gray
Mock Trial Coach   
Michael Griffin
Patrick Grizzaffi
User Services Spec. 2
713-743-7332  TU 2 61 
Kristen Guiseppi
Program Manager
713.743.6124  102A BLB 
Melissa Hamilton
Visiting Criminal Law Scholar
713.743.2778  224 BLB 
Lawrence Hanson
Adjunct Professor   
Amy Hawk
Associate Director, Blakely Advocacy Institute
713.743.2318  101F BLB 
Jim Hawkins
Associate Professor
713.743.5018  130 BLB 
Elena Hawthorne
Multimedia Specialist
Eleanor  Haynes
Adjunct Professor   
Angela Hazlegrove
Department Business Administrator
713.743.2723  5 BLB 
Whitney Heard
Clinical Assistant Professor; Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.0910  11 C BLB 
Janet Heppard
Associate Professor of Clinical Practice
713.743.2093  59C TU2 
Tracy Hester
713.743.1152  142 TUII 
Kim Hoang Vu
Financial Coordinator 1
713.743.1790    5K BLB 
Geoffrey Hoffman
Clinical Associate Professor Director; Immigration Clinic
713.743.9563  55 TUII 
Lonny Hoffman
Law Foundation Professor
713.743.5206  102B BLB 
Mark Hoose
Robin  Huff
Executive Secretary - TUII Multipurpose Suite
713.743.2128  201 TUII 
Stephen Jablonski
Multimedia Special
713-742-1634  102BTU2 
Sandra Jackson
Executive Secretary - BLB Faculty Suite
713.743.2144  210 BLB 
Paul Janicke
HIPLA Professor of Law
713.743.2164  201 TUII 
Charlette Jefferson
Executive Secretary
713.743.2120  114 BLB 
Aaron Jennifer
Secretary 2
713-743-2182  44 TU-2 
Cassandra Jeu
Legal Clinic Supervisor
713.743.7552  45A TUII 
Robert  Johnson
Director, Continuing Legal Education
713.743.2063  45F TUII 
Deborah Jones
Program Manager; Institute of Higher Education, Law and Governance
713.743.2075  202 TUII 
Craig Joyce
Andrews Kurth Professor of Law, and Founding Faculty Director, Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law
713.743.2127  201C TUII 
Alexander Kaplan
Daniel Kasprzak
Adjunct Professor   
Tara Kelly
Dr. Ryan Kennedy
Chad Kitko
User Services Specialist; Information Technology
713.743.2260  49 TU2 
Dr. Kairn Klieman
John Kling
Communications Manager; Communications and Marketing
713.743.8298  102E BLB 
Paul Krieger
Adjunct Professor   
Daniel H.  Kroll
Sapna Kumar
Associate Professor of Law
713.743.4148  201R TUII 
Nathaniel Kummerfeld
David Kwok
Assistant Professor
713.743.3850  118 TUII 
Daniella Landers
Jim Lawrence
Director; Blakely Advocacy Institute
713.743.2067  101H BLB 
Emily  Lawson
Reference/Research Librarian
713.743.2305  20 LL 
Daniel Leightman   
Kevin Lewis
Yuxin Li
713.743.2330  114KH 
Peter Linzer
Professor of Law
713.743.2176  218 BLB 
Jacqueline Lipton
Baker Botts Professor of Law
Co-Director; Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law
713.743.1543  104J TUII 
Maria S. Lopez Perez
Executive Secretary – Office of the Associate Dean
713.743.7692  102C BLB 
Karen Lukin   
Mon Yin Lung
Associate Director of O'Quinn Law Library
713.743.2307  9 LL 
John Lunstroth
Visiting Scholar   
Ryan Maierson
Adjunct Professor    
Jessica Mantel
Assistant Professor
Co-Director; Health Law & Policy Institute
713.743.1836  104G TUII 
Ellen Marrus
George Butler Research Professor of Law Director; Center for Children, Law & Policy
713.743.0894  230 TUII 
Lorna Marsh
Office Assistant; O’Quinn Law Library
713.743.2331  1A LL 
Abe Martinez
William McCarter
Mailroom Assistant
713.743.2179  126 KH 
Ruth McCleskey
Web Developer; Information Technology
713.743.2242  49B TUII 
Ryan  McConnell
Richard McElvaney
Clinical Associate Professor Program Director; Center for Consumer Law
713.743.1236  RMcElvaney@Central.UH.EDU  134 BLB 
Rich McIver
Adjunct Professor
Thomas McMurray
Audio Visual Specialist
713.743.1168  19A BLB 
Pilar Mensah
Assistant Director of Admissions
713.743.4875  36A TUII 
Roni Mihaly
Thomas  Mitro
Susham Modi
Adjunct Professor of Law Clinical Supervising Attorney
713-743-8430  59 A TU2 
Douglas Moll
Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, L.L.P. Law Center Professor of Law
713.743.2172  220 TUII 
Bill Moore
April Moreno
Program Coordinator; Health Law & Policy Institute
713.743.2102  104F TUII 
Merle Morris
Clinical Assistant Professor; Co-Director Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2208  15D BLB 
Ray Morris
Office Coordinator; Admissions
713.743.2188  56D TUII 
Kendra Murphy
Accountant 2
713-743-1863  18 C 
Norman Nadorff
Laura Neal
Financial Aid Advisor; Student Affairs
713.743.2269  46A TUII 
Nathan  Neely
Assistant Director of Admissions
713.743.4266  40 TU2 
Sharon Nellums-Goosby
Academic Records Coordinator
713.743.2187  44A TUII 
James Nelson
Assistant Professor
713-743-0526  220 TUII 
Artur Neto
Visiting Scholar - Brazil
Jeffrey Newberry
Legal Clinic Supervisor
713.743.6843  45B TU II 
Shatoi Jackson Newell
Secretary 2
713.743.2182    30 TUII 
Mybao Nguyen
Director of Business Operations
713.743.2112  5G BLB 
Raymond Nimmer
Leonard Childs Professor of Law Distinguished Chair in Residence, UCP
713.743.2152  201 TUII 
Thomas Oldham
John H. Freeman Professor of Law
713.743.2161  210 BLB 
Michael Olivas
William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law Director; Institute for Higher Education Law & Governance
713.743.2078  201G TUII 
Edward Osterberg Jr.
Adjunct Professor
Robert Palmer
Cullen Professor Law and History
713.743.3089  130 TUII 
Edin Panameno
Department Business Admin.
713.743.1242  5 P BLB 
Amanda Parker
Executive Secretary
713-743-2481  114TU2 
Stephen  Pate    
Snehal Patel
Jordan Paust
Mike and Teresa Baker Law Center Professor
713.743.2177  216 TUII 
Kourtney Perry
Assistant Director; Career Development
713.743.5622  8A BLB 
Will  Peterson
Long  Pham
Assistant Registration and Academic Records
713.743.1751  56B TUII 
Kenneth R.  Phillips
Adjunct Professor    
Ruthie Piller
713-743-5958  11B BLB 
Ignacio  Pinto-Leon
Assistant Director; Center for U.S. and Mexican Law
713.743.2126  201 TUII 
Fariba Pouraryan
Program Manager; Office of the Associate Dean
713.743.1896  102C BLB 
Bill  Powers
Career Counselor; Career Development
713.743.0810  10B BLB 
Susan Rachlin
Clinical Assistant Professor; Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2210  15G BLB 
Robert Ragazzo
University of Houston Law Foundation Professor of Law
713.743.2146  228 BLB 
Elsa Ramirez
Secretary; Legal Aid Clinic
713.743.2094  56 TUII 
D. Theodore Rave
Assistant Professor of Law
713.743.2499  142 BLB  
Allison Regan
Assistant Dean; Career Development
713.743.2276  8D BLB 
Jessica  Roberts
Director, Health Law & Policy Institute Associate Professor of Law
713.743.2105  104H TUII 
Daphne Robinson
Research Assistant Professor
Volker Roeben
Reynaldo Romero
Judge Lee Rosenthal
Gregory S. Saikin   
Joseph Sanders
A.A. White Professor of Law
713.743.2125  220 BLB 
Stephen Schad
Director of Annual Giving
713.743.2539  saschad@cebtrak,uh,edu  7 E 
Ronald  Scott
Research Professor; Health Law and Policy Institute
713.743.2121  201 TUII 
George Secrest
Adjunct Professor   
Oscar Sevilla
Program Coordinator; Student Services
713.743.7505  30 TU II 
Chen Shan
Visiting Scholar - China
Ben Sheppard
Director; A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center
713.743.2113  116 TUII 
Scott Sherman
Yanfang Shi
Visiting Scholar - China
Eugene J.  Silva II.
Adjunct Professor
Spencer Simons
Director; O'Quinn Law Library
Associate Professor of Law
713.743.5896  7 LL 
Lauren Simpson
Clinical Assistant Professor; Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2159  14C BLB 
James W. Skelton, Jr.
Adjunct Professor   
Frank Smith
Retired Partner   
Shannon Smith
Development Director; External Affairs
713.743.2394  7B BLB 
Scott Smith
College IT Support Director
713.743.9273  238 TUII 
Diana Smith
Assistant Business Administrator for Payroll
713.743.2116  5H BLB 
Margaret Solomon-Bird
Acquisitions and Collections w/Tech. Services
713.743.2315  100 KH 
Barbara  Stalder
Staff Attorney
713.743.0897  59B TUII 
William Streng
Vinson & Elkins Professor of Law
713.743.2148  226 BLB 
Alison Sulentic
Tobi Tabor
Clinical Assistant Professor; Co-Director Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2068  15E BLB 
Gus Tamborello   
Alicia Tamez
Department Business Administrator
713.743.1756  5J BLB 
Carolyn Taylor
Director, Donor Relations/Stewardship
713.743.2289  BLB 7 
Sondra Tennessee
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
713.743.2079  42 TUII 
Sandra Thompson
Alumnae College Professor of Law Director; Criminal Justice Institute
713.743.2134  122 BLB 
David Tiede
Director; Texas Consumer Complaint Center
713.743.1301  45D TUII 
Lisa Tilton-McCarthy
Clinical Assistant Professor; Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2110  15C BLB 
Cory Tran
Microsystems Analyst; Information Technology
713.743.3637  49D TUII 
Thomas Troegel
Advancement Director; External Affairs
713.743.2207  8B BLB 
Tiffany Tucker
Career Counselor; Career Development
713.743.2574  8AA BLB 
Ronald Turner
Alumnae Law Center Professor of Law
713.743.2285  238 BLB 
John  Unger
Adjunct Professor   
Juan Vasquez, Sr.   
Judge Vanessa Velasquez
Adjunct Professor   
Rose Verde
Executive Secretary - Lawyering Skills and Strategies
713.743.2142  15 BLB 
Greg Vetter
Professor of Law Law Foundation Professor
713.743.3596  201F TUII 
Ray Viada
Kim Hoang Vu
Assistant Business Administrator
713.743.1790  5J BLB 
Gordon Walker
Helen Wang
Law Foundation Assistant Director
713-743-3742    18BLB 
Marek Waterstone
Senior Associate Librarian; Acquisitions & Collections
713.743.1434  100B KH 
Jacqueline Weaver
A.A. White Professor of Law
713.743.2158  122 TUII 
Jeff Weems
Bret Wells
Associate Professor of Law
713.743.2502  124 TUII 
Bob Wicoff
Kristy Williams
Tasha Willis
ADR Director and Mediation Clinic Professor
713.743.9964  102C TU2 
Allison Winnike
Director of Research and Research Professor; Health Law & Policy Institute
713.743.2198  201N TUII 
William Winslade
Professor of Law
713.743.2109  104D TUII 
John Woodruff
Carey  Worrell
Adjunct Professor
Catherine Wright
Program Manager; Career Development
713.743.2090  8A BLB 
Kellen Zale
Assistant Professor
713.743.0325  128 BLB